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My boyfriend is retarded...

Me: カラオケに行きたい! (I want to go to karaoke)
KH: come to me now!!!
Me: 英語をわからん… (I don't understand English)
KH: english only!
Me: 日本語だけ! (only Japanese!)
KH: I miss you
Me: あなたの顔 (your face)
KH: you miss?
Me: あなたのジャケット (your jacket)
KH: what? pardon me? can you speak louder?
Me: 無理だよ~ (impossible)
KH: why?
Me: えぇ!?本間に英語で喋りたい? (You seriously want to speak English?)
KH: 無理 (impossible)
Me: Fuck you, lol

Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker is a new duo out of Cube Entertainment, made up of Hyunseung from BEAST and Hyuna from 4Minute. Sexy stuff, right? Well they've released their first teaser recently, and I was inspired to make it more awesome.



Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns

In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?
My Future Husband.

KIEview: NEWs Solo PVs

So it's been a while since I delved back into the rainbow-frilled sequin-dipped and oh so marvelously gay world of Johnny's Entertainment, but at my beautiful baby sister's suggestion, I decided to check out NEWS's new solo PVs. How are they? Well...

Yamishita Tomohisa - Mola (Watch the Video)
From the Entertainment company that brought you Tanaka Koki's "Make U Wet" and Akanishi Jin's "LOVEJUICE" comes another awkward English composition that is far too sleezy to make it in any native English-speaking market. As much as I might enjoy hearing Yamapi say choice English words like "naughty" because let's face it, that's fucking adorable, his solo "Mola" lacks a certain subtlety that might make it more listenable. And well, when you breed his Engrish accent with an orgy of autotune, you can barely understand a word. At least he looks cute.

Tegoshi Yuya - Ai Nante (Watch the Video)
Like most ballad PVs, this one is notoriously boring. I did rofl a little when he was suddenly in the rain because it was so, so beautifully cliche. If you'd like to see a cute Asian belt out a nice ballad and glisten in the rain like some kind of Hobbit prettyboy, this is the video for you~!

Shigeaki Kato - Shalala Tambourine (Watch the Video)
A piece of cracktastic heaven that manages to be highly offensive and mildly entertaining at the same time. Shige plays a schoolgirl, a visual rockstar, and a cougar's armcandy. I particularly enjoy his portrayal of a caucasian woman, complete with blue contacts and a big fake nose. XD Classy as always, Japan~!

Koyama Keiichiro - Love Addiction (Watch the Video)
A JE public service announcement warning you of the dangers of addiction. Clearly if you become addicted to love, you'll have no one to rave with, spend hours contemplating your pathetic life in an elevator, and be forced to roll around on satin sheets in a sad excuse for rainbow-tinted boyporn.

Masuda Takahisa - Superman (Watch the Video)
A strange mix of a cool dance video, normal Japanese oddness, and pseudo-pedophilia. I don't know if he can help looking twelve with that haircut, but putting him in a superhero costume with a few genuine kids raises the level of creepy. Just stick to your wacky choreography, Massu, and leave dressing up like a superhero to Kanjani8.

Nishikido Ryo - code (Watch the Video)
All they had to do to make me like this video was the same things that make me like the live performances of this song, Nishikido Ryo playing guitar and singing lipsyncing his heart out. Sure there's some classic lameness in here, like the "I am Jesus turn to letters" shot, but overall nice. This video wins, and it's only 99% because I want to sleep with him.

Johnny's Entertainment, thanks for the lulz. <3


Medifruit's Clearing Up Sale

I'm selling off a few things to help me get set up for college this coming fall. Shipping is not included in the suggested price. All prices are negotiable. Paypal is my preferred method of payment, though I will accept personal checks for orders totaling more then $20.

For any single DVD, CD, Manga, or Game, the shipping cost will be $3.00, and the package will be sent via media mail. Any other shipping arrangements, including the shipping of multiple item orders will have to be calculated.

If you're interested, please contact me via email (medifruit@aol.com). Include a list of the items you want, your paypal email address (or request to send a check), and your zip code. I will respond with your invoice. Questions can be left in a comment here or sent by email as well. If requested, I can and will provide larger or additional photos of any item.

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Happy Shopping! ^_^
Please leave feedback here.