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My boyfriend is retarded...

Me: カラオケに行きたい! (I want to go to karaoke)
KH: come to me now!!!
Me: 英語をわからん… (I don't understand English)
KH: english only!
Me: 日本語だけ! (only Japanese!)
KH: I miss you
Me: あなたの顔 (your face)
KH: you miss?
Me: あなたのジャケット (your jacket)
KH: what? pardon me? can you speak louder?
Me: 無理だよ~ (impossible)
KH: why?
Me: えぇ!?本間に英語で喋りたい? (You seriously want to speak English?)
KH: 無理 (impossible)
Me: Fuck you, lol


~The Awesomely Fruit Flavored Medic~

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